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Graduation Plans

A student in graduation robes with his daughter

The Manufacturing Engineering program provides graduation plans (see flow charts below) to help you plan your course of study efficiently.

These plans:

  • List graduation requirements, based on your year of admission
  • Show how it is possible to complete all requirements in eight semesters (based on starting in a fall semester).
  • Explain details about technical electives and Capstone, and shows classes that must be taken in a certain order (prerequisites).

Using BYU MyMAP/Plan Courses, you should lay out a personal graduation plan based on your needs and preferences. You should continually update the plan so that you stay on track.

Graduation Plans (Flowcharts) by Year of Admission

You are subject to the B.S. graduation requirements based on the academic year in which you were admitted to the program.

Click here to view the advisement flowchart for your year.